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Our Approach

About the Series

Sebbie is a little boy who travels around the world visiting new countries and cities. In each country he meets a local girl who introduces him to her beautiful home and way of life.

The series will help children discover that there is a whole wide world to explore, filled with interesting new and different things to try and embrace.

Our Story

About me

I have always enjoyed travelling - it is a passion of mine. It’s probably because I started my adventures when I was quite young with my parents.

There is the excitement of seeing new places, meeting different people and learning about their cultures and beliefs. There is always a treasure to discover and so much delicious food to try. It is a feast to all senses really. Finding similarities between countries and cultures despite the distance is always a nice surprise.

It is my pleasure to share my passion with children. I hope that it lights up the little adventurer within them and that they enjoy exploring these new cities and countries as much as me.


All our beautiful illustrations are made by the talented Sebastian Sanchez.

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I would love to hear what you thought of the book or if there are parts of the world you want your children to discover!